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What is OCCMarket?

Organic Co-Creation Market is created as a meeting point for those small and medium designers interested in organic fabrics that do not have great resources. The platform, totally free, propose fabrics and users will be able to select the ones they find most interesting. If a proposal is successful and the reserved fabric meters reach the minimum amount necessary, the fabric will be produced.

The buyer will benefit from a reduced price when the purchase has been formalized before the fabric has been produced. But in addition to the savings involved, the OCCMarket will have a totally cooperative character that allows anyone can suggest specific fabrics through its wish list. The data will be collected and analyzed in such a way that the highest values of coincidence will give rise to firm proposals in the platform. We seek to adapt the offer to the real needs of the designers.

At launch, the platform will be limited to organic cotton fabrics because are the process that we dominate most but we hope that very soon (in the medium term) we can include proposals for other natural fibers to complete the offer and become a very complete catalog for medium and small designers.

Why is called Organic Co-Creation Market®?

OCCMarket is a Co-Creation Market because the users can propose new fabric options depending of their interests. Through the Wish List the users are able to create a fabric proposal under the parameters pre selectionated for the platform.

They can propose as many options as they want. The platform will periodically study the data and propose fabrics taking into account the highest values of coincidence between users to ensure that the proposals will be popular.

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What is crowfunding and how is it used here?

Crowdfunding is, in a few words, collective financing through internet. It is a cooperation, carried out by a group of people to get resources joining efforts and initiatives of other people or organizations.

In OCCMarket, crowfunding is the shared financing of the same proposed fabric. Thanks to the fact that each user collaborates with the quantities that he needs or can assume, a project that requires the production of a large number of meters can be carried… Creating a network that allows obtaining a common profit.

Who is behind this initiative?

Organic Cotton Colors is the driving company of the OCCMarket. With this proposal, the aim is to bring organic materials closer to small and medium-sized designers who do not have the resources to face the minimum demands of the textile industry.

In this first stage you can only participate in the purchase of organic cotton fabrics but as the project progresses, different suppliers of other organic fibers will be incorporated to diversify the offer and convert the platform into a great supplier of organic materials.

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How it works?

How can I propose fabrics?

In the Preferences section you will find the Wish List. Through it you can create as many proposals as you want taking into account the values that the platform offers you.

The data will be analyzed periodically and the proposals that present more coincidences will be proposed in the platform.

If you are interested in proposing a fabric and the parameters predefined by OCCMarket do not fit in your need, you can contact us through We will study your comment and value the possibility of include new triage options in the Wish List.

What type of projects could I find in OCCMarket?

Knitted and woven fabrics, towel and even tricot suggestions! All made with organic cotton. In this first development step we will no include other natural fibres but our mind is to be a complete supplier of a organic materials that could offer to designers and brands integral solutions.

Once the project in which I have contributed has ended ... what happens if it goes ahead?

Once the proposal has finished, if it has been successful, the production of the fabric will start. Only at this point the money locked by Stripe will be charged. OCCMarket will contact all the co-financiers of the project to send them the final invoice for their transactions and inform them about the approximate delivery time.

As soon as the fabric is ready for shipment, the user will be contacted again to specify the shipping information.

Once the project in which I have contributed has ended ... what happens if it does NOT go ahead?

Once the proposal has finished, if it has not been successful, the production of the fabric will not start. At this point the money locked by Stripe will be unlock to your account.

How can I co-finance a project?

You can contribute in any project that is in process (not finished).
When you decide to contribute in the purchase of a fabric you can choose between different options depending on the volume of meters ordered. How more meters do you order, the price you will pay for them will be lower.

Can I contribute more than once to the same Project? And contribute to more than one Project at a time?

Of course! You can contribute in as many projects as are interesting for you. Even if you have already participated in a project, you can participate again by increasing the number of meters acquired.

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About shipment

How we calculate the shipment costs?

Taking into account the user’s address and the volume of the ordered fabric, the platform has the shipping cost associated with each contribution. Before formalizing the order, the user will receive a message that informs about the cost of the fabric and the cost of shipping.

Shipments will always be made with United Parcel Service, Inc. They will have a tracking number so the buyer can check the status of their shipment and the expected delivery date. This information will be provided to the buyer once the order is ready to leave the warehouse of the supplier.

What do I do if my country is not included in the countries that OCCMarket has predefined?

The platform has an extensive list of countries included but if you do not find yours, contact In this way we can include the specific rate for your country.

What happens if I want to group several orders in the same delivery?

If you have contributed in several campaigns and prefer to receive all the materials together to save on shipping costs, contact OCCMarket through our email We will study your request! Keep in mind that until the proposal has been finalized, you will not have paid for it and we can modify the rates, adapting them according to your preferences.

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About payment

Which kind of payment are supported in the platform?

In this first fase the platform will just accept credit card payment through Stripe platform.

When OCCMarket will charge the cost of my contribution in my credit card?

For now OCC Market just allow to make payments with credit card under the security service of Stripe. When you make a contribution… The charge will not be made until the end of this project round and it has finished its campaign. This process is a pre-authorization for which you will be charged the amount you have decided only if those conditions are met. It could be defined as a commitment to pay if the project has enough support or “promises of support” 🙂

Before the rounds are over. Can I modify an order or cancel it?

At any time you can modify or cancel a contribution. Get in touch through and we will carry out the modifications that you consider in your order.

How will I know the progress of the project I bid on?

You will receive emails from OCCMarket informing you about the status of the project and the contributions received. In this way you will have detailed information about the progress of the project.

On the page of each project there is also a real-time statistic that informs about the evolution of the project

What costs are not included in the price that I pay for the fabric?

When you contribute in a fabric proposal you will pay a price for each meter if fabric ordered and the shipping costs of this fabric to your delivery address. Please note that if this parcel goes out of European Union you have to pay the importation taxes that the country stipulates for the merchandise ordered. The value of this cost depends on each country. So to have more information about it you should contact with the customs of your country.

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